The Complete Book of Speech CommunicationThe Complete Book of Speech Communication
Carol Marrs
Far from your typical text on speech education, this delightfully illustrated book encourages lively participation in each activity and focuses on the kinds of exercises that are fun for students of all ages. This full year course of creative assignments will aid preparation for any kind of speaking from formal, research-based presentations to casu ...
Number of pages: 176 | Publication Date: 1992-02-01 | ISBN-13: 9780916260873

What Story Are You Living?What Story Are You Living?
by Carol S. Pearson, Hugh K. Marr
The profound influence of Swiss psychologist Carl Jung spans both literature and science. His concept of the archetype defines the deep, unconscious patterns in the ways we perceive, organize, and interpret the events of our lives. A wide variety of these shared human themes are reflected in both our cultural traditions and stories and in our perso ...
Number of pages: 163 | Publication Date: 2007-04-06 | ISBN-13: 9780935652789

Wham! (Timewalker)Wham! (Timewalker)
by Carol Marrs Phipps, Tom Phipps
They took her world. They took her family. They said it was for the greater good. They lied. From husband and wife writing team, Carol Marrs Phipps and Tom Phipps, WHAM is an imaginative and original dystopian fantasy where technology and magic stand side by side. “Rarely have I seen fantasy and science fiction married so successfully.” When Ch ...
Number of pages: 551 | Publication Date: 2018-09-15 | ISBN-13: 9781727306873

Then... (Timewalker)Then... (Timewalker)
by Carol Marrs Phipps, Tom Phipps
Will Pandora and her World Alliance rule from Atlantis, under the sea... until the world above no longer breathes?The much awaited sequel to the highly acclaimed dystopian fantasy novel, WHAM! is here."Zipping from the gorgeously enchanting to the darkly terrifying, THEN... is dystopian fantasy at its finest. And it's even better than Book 1." –S ...
Number of pages: 501 | Publication Date: 2019-01-21 | ISBN-13: 9781794295933

Elf KillersElf Killers
by Carol Marrs Phipps, Tom Phipps
For the Elves, it's the very worst time to be in the woods.Trolls are hunting them down. Will they live long enough to reach a safe place to live?"Elf Killers is a fast-moving Fantasy Adventure with a ton of heart and boundless imagination."Oisin’s plan is to come with his bow to help Aedan and Doona lead a party of children into the forest to ga ...
Number of pages: 334 | Publication Date: 2019-05-04 | ISBN-13: 9781096858966

PMAI ManualPMAI Manual
by Carol Pearson, Hugh K. Marr
The PMAI™ Manual details the development of and practical uses for the Pearson-Marr Archetype Indicator™ assessment tool, the first validated instrument to assess the presence and prominence of archetypes in individuals. In addition to covering the theory behind the PMAI instrument and its psychometrics, the manual presents case histories and r ...
Number of pages: 101 | Publication Date: 2003-08-01 | ISBN-13: 9780935652741

Doom (Heart of the Staff)Doom (Heart of the Staff)
by Carol Marrs Phipps, Tom Phipps
Spitemorta is Empress, her ruthless rule of the world steered from the shadows by the ghost of Demonica. They are invincible.But then... there is this prophecy from a millennium ago...Read the Finale of The Heart of the Staff Series, an epic fantasy from the writing team of Carol Marrs Phipps and Tom Phipps."I find their imagination and writing sty ...
Number of pages: 418 | Publication Date: 2018-11-12 | ISBN-13: 9781731194763

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