The Reciprocating SelfThe Reciprocating Self
by Jack O. Balswick, Pamela Ebstyne King, Kevin S. Reimer
On the basis of a theologically grounded understanding of the nature of persons and the self, Jack O. Balswick, Pamela Ebstyne King and Kevin S. Reimer present a model of human development that ranges across all of life's stages: infancy, childhood, adolescence, young adulthood, middle adulthood and elder adulthood. They do this by drawing on a bib ...
Number of pages: 405 | Publication Date: 2016-07-05 | ISBN-13: 9780830851430

Authentic Human SexualityAuthentic Human Sexuality
by Judith K. Balswick, Jack O. Balswick
Sex pervades our culture, going far beyond the confines of the bedroom into the workplace, the church and the media. Yet despite all the attention and even obsession devoted to sex, human sexuality remains confusing and even foreboding. What, after all, is authentic human sexuality? That is the question Judith and Jack Balswick set out to answer in ...
Number of pages: 356 | Publication Date: 2008-07-10 | ISBN-13: 9780830828838

The FamilyThe Family
by Jack O. Balswick, Judith K. Balswick
Two respected senior professors in the marriage and family field cover every issue that affects family life, including marriage, parenting, sexuality, communication, social dynamics, and family life in modern society. This proven resource for studying the most established of human institutions has been in print for over twenty years, with over 80,0 ...
Number of pages: 416 | Publication Date: 2014-05-06 | ISBN-13: 9780801049347

The FamilyThe Family
by Jack O. Balswick, Judith K. Balswick
Covering every issue that affects family life-marriage, parenting, sexuality, communication, social dynamics, and family life in modern society-The Family is a proven comprehensive resource for studying this most established of human institutions. The authors encourage readers to dig deep into Scripture, ever mindful of context, in order to develop ...
Number of pages: 400 | Publication Date: 2007-06-01 | ISBN-13: 9780801032493

A Model for MarriageA Model for Marriage
by Jack O. Balswick, Judith K. Balswick
Jack and Judy Balswick offer a vision of marriage that is both profoundly spiritual and thoroughly practical. Drawing insight from Christian theology and from social science research, the Balswicks bring together their years of teaching, writing and being married to each other to produce a book of faith and wisdom for facing the challenge of marria ...
Number of pages: 213 | Publication Date: 2006-11-05 | ISBN-13: 9780830827602

The FamilyThe Family
Jack O.; and Judith K. Balswick Balswick
This Christian perspective on the contemporary home, based upon social science research, clincial insight, and biblical truths, is skillfully written and extremely insightful. Almost everything a person would like to know about the fmaily and its many stages, functions, and problems is included...It is obvious the authors are well informed as to wh ...
Number of pages: --- | Publication Date: 1995 | ISBN-13: 9780801009938

I want to say I love youI want to say I love you
Jack O Balswick
Book by Balswick, Jack O ...
Number of pages: 141 | Publication Date: 1980 | ISBN-13: 9780849941467

The Dual-Earner MarriageThe Dual-Earner Marriage
by Jack O. Balswick, Judith K. Balswick
A second income doesn't have to mean a second-class marriage. In fact, due to the deep level of partnership that must take place, a dual-earner couple can have a stronger, more communicative relationship than that of a "traditional" couple. In this book, the Balswicks offer innovative, creative, and workable solutions to the problems brought on by ...
Number of pages: 221 | Publication Date: 1995-03-01 | ISBN-13: 9780800755300

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