Comic ReliefComic Relief
John Morreall
Comic Relief: A Comprehensive Philosophy of Humor develops an inclusive theory that integrates psychological, aesthetic, and ethical issues relating to humor Offers an enlightening and accessible foray into the serious business of humor Reveals how standard theories of humor fail to explain its true nature and actually support traditional prejudic ...
Number of pages: 202 | Publication Date: 2009-09-28 | ISBN-13: 9781405196123

The Philosophy of Laughter and Humor (SUNY Series in Philosophy)The Philosophy of Laughter and Humor (SUNY Series in Philosophy)
This book assesses the adequacy of the traditional theories of laughter and humor, suggests revised theories, and explores such areas as the aesthetics and ethics of humor, and the relation of amusement to other mental states.Theories of laughter and humor originated in ancient times with the view that laughter is an expression of feelings of super ...
Number of pages: 285 | Publication Date: 1986-12-05 | ISBN-13: 9780887063275

Taking Laughter SeriouslyTaking Laughter Seriously
John Morreall
"There has never been a time in Western history that humor and laughter were not topics of intellectual debate and interest. That is still true. John Morreall's broad-ranging concerns in Taking Laughter Seriously make it a book that will interest those in the social and behavioral sciences, philosophy, English literature and criticism, drama, and f ...
Number of pages: 154 | Publication Date: 1983-06-30 | ISBN-13: 9780873956437

Laughing All The WayLaughing All The Way
John Morreall
Based on 35 years of research, this book shows how essential humor is in business, medicine, education, and family life. Funny images and New Yorker cartoons by Robert Mankoff enhance the lessons. ...
Number of pages: 290 | Publication Date: 2016-02-29 | ISBN-13: 9781628652772

The philosophy of humour (Philosophy Insights)The philosophy of humour (Philosophy Insights)
Paul Mcdonald
Comic novelist and critic Paul McDonald explores the philosophy of humour in a book that will appeal to philosophers and creative writers alike. One aim of this book is to assess theories of humour and laughter. It concentrates mainly on philosophical approaches to humour- including those of Plato, Aristotle, Cicero, Descartes, Hobbes, Bergson, Kan ...
Number of pages: 138 | Publication Date: 2013-03-22 | ISBN-13: 9781847602381

Humor WorksHumor Works
John Morreall
Increased productivity. High morale. Effective change management. Reduced workplace conflict, stress, and burnout. These aren't laughing matters -- or are they? Most business leaders today completely overlook one of the most valuable tools available to them humor. Using dozens of examples and anecdotes, this book explores the connections between hu ...
Number of pages: 268 | Publication Date: 2007-06-01 | ISBN-13: 9780874254006

The Religion ToolkitThe Religion Toolkit
by John Morreall, Tamara Sonn
This complete overview of religious studies provides students with the essential knowledge and tools they need to explore and understand the nature of religion. Covers the early development of religion, with overviews of major and minor religions from Islam to Scientology Considers recent developments including secularization; the relationship bet ...
Number of pages: 374 | Publication Date: 2011-11-07 | ISBN-13: 9781405182461

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