by Tracy Cooper-Posey, Julia Templeton
Elisa's determined to have her son back at any cost, even if it means marry a vicious stoat of a man like Rufus Wardell, but her plans and her life are turned upside down by the sudden reappearance of Rufus' grown and estranged son, Vaughn. Lured by the contrast of Elisa's sweet beauty with the wicked rumors of her wanton past, Vaughn embarks on a ...
Number of pages: 226 | Publication Date: 2012-09-20 | ISBN-13: 9781927423172

Dangerous DesiresDangerous Desires
Julia Templeton
When her dying father entrusts her to the care of Dominic Santrell, one of London’s most infamous rakes, Arlie Whitman is thrust into a world of elegance and privilege she had never imagined. But her initiation into society is nowhere near as frightening as the powerful desire she feels for Dominic himself. The dark and dashing earl claims that s ...
Number of pages: 190 | Publication Date: 2013-10-21 | ISBN-13: 9781939863065

Dangerous BeautyDangerous Beauty
by Tracy Cooper-Posey, Julia Templeton
During the night of the annual, prestigious Sweet Pea Ball, two lives are about to be changed completely. Natasha is one of the most beautiful women in London. Thanks to Vaughn Wardell, the man she once thought she loved, she has learned not to suffer fools and finds most men arrogant beyond tolerance. Her mother, however, will have her married be ...
Number of pages: 216 | Publication Date: 2012-09-26 | ISBN-13: 9781927423226

The Deepest Cut (The MacKinnon Curse) (Volume 1)The Deepest Cut (The MacKinnon Curse) (Volume 1)
J.A. Templeton
Sixteen-year-old Riley Williams has been able to see ghosts since the car crash that took her mother's life and shattered her family. Guilt-ridden over the belief that she's somehow responsible for her mom's death, Riley is desperate to see her mother's elusive spirit to gain her forgiveness. When her father moves the family to Scotland so they c ...
Number of pages: 202 | Publication Date: 2012-11-13 | ISBN-13: 9781480180475

Rory (Rakehells of Rochester)Rory (Rakehells of Rochester)
Julia Templeton
The devilishly handsome Rayborne brothers are infamous throughout the ton for their illicit behavior. But when their fortunes are jeopardized--unless they wed--each must find the woman who can satisfy his every carnal desire. . . With a penchant for seducing married women, Rory Rayborne is injured once again in a duel. When he awakens, he's deli ...
Number of pages: 266 | Publication Date: 2011-01-01 | ISBN-13: 9780758238177

Perilous PrincessPerilous Princess
Tracy Cooper-Posey
Rhys Davies is the bastard son of an English lord who refused to acknowledge him. He has made his own way and as one of the best attorneys in London, he is absorbed in his work and content. When he fails to retain a distinguished client because of his unmarried state, he sets out to search for a wife to enhance his professional reputation. Ann ...
Number of pages: 210 | Publication Date: 2015-10-09 | ISBN-13: 9781772630183

Sinjin (The Rakehells of Rochester)Sinjin (The Rakehells of Rochester)
Julia Templeton
The Rayborne brothers are notorious throughout London for two things: their astounding good looks and their wild sexual ways. But when they receive an ultimatum to wed or risk losing their inheritance, their search for brides takes them on a journey of carnal pleasure like none they've experienced before. . .His Needs Consumed Him. . .The oldes ...
Number of pages: 261 | Publication Date: 2009-10-01 | ISBN-13: 9780758238153

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