War Stories 2017War Stories 2017
by Sally K Lehman, Sean Davis, William Bradford Nichols, Brian Turner, Matt Fieser, Jessica Standifird, Jacob Meeks, Jonathan Oak, Damon Hugh Faust, Josh Lubin, Sigrid Casey, Karla Lee Erdman, Jana Mowreader, Tom Keating, Antonia Benson, Robert Owen, M.F. McAuliffe, Julie Elefante, Kat Altair, Ryan Holleran
A collection of stories and poems about the effects of war on our society, families, and world. ...
Number of pages: 146 | Publication Date: 2017-10-31 | ISBN-13: 9781979027199

M F McAuliffe
"Only my contradictions hold me upright," claims one of the poems in this ferociously lucid and often funny new volume by M.F. McAuliffe. On the one hand it batters us with Lear-like bleak assertions ("Time and heaven and earth are stones. / They grind us between them") -- assertions it goes on to illustrate, most impressively, in the final series ...
Number of pages: 88 | Publication Date: 2017-01-31 | ISBN-13: 9781684195381

Horrific BeginningsHorrific Beginnings
by Mr. Scott M. Goriscak, Stacey Turner, William F. Nolan, Dale T. Phillips, Hollie Snider, Peggy Christie, Robert A. Read, Henry Snider, D.J. Pitsiladis, Mikel Classen, Mark McAuliffe, Mercedes M. Yardley, Florence Ann Marlow, Jason V. Brock
Welcome to The Horror Society’s 2017; anthology “Horrific Beginnings.” All the authors are part of a community of individuals committed to making the world a little darker than they found it. The stories that follow are the earliest works from these authors. Now approaching our second anniversary The Horror Society remains a valuable successf ...
Number of pages: 216 | Publication Date: 2017-08-07 | ISBN-13: 9781546526216

A White Concrete DayA White Concrete Day
Douglas Spangle
There is a quietness about Douglas Spangle's voice that allows you not to realise how much he has to say (so quietly), what superb craft his art conceals (to the point of invisibility), how large is the experience he offers the reader. This collection accumulates the power, skill, passion, and intelligence of his poetry to the point where I wonder, ...
Number of pages: 84 | Publication Date: 2015 | ISBN-13: 9781628476606

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