National TransformationNational Transformation
Dr. Mark A Beliles
Drawing from a previous work entitled Liberating the Nations, this book gives a comprehensive overview of how Christians have transformed nations in history. After the historical overview then the author provides an in-depth look at the seven strategic spheres of influence in every nation. Drawing from the Bible, history and the author's personal i ...
Number of pages: 200 | Publication Date: 2018-05-21 | ISBN-13: 9781719422093

America's Providential History (Including Biblical Principles of Education, Government, Politics, Economics, and Family Life)America's Providential History (Including Biblical Principles of Education, Government, Politics, Economics, and Family Life)
by Mark A. Beliles, Stephen K. McDowell
Even "Newsweek" now admits: "Historians are discovering that the Bible, perhaps even more than the Constitution, is our founding document." In this enlightening book, you'll discover the remarkable evidence for this truth. Based on the assumption that all history is Providential (i.e., it reflects God's purposes) you'll learn how God's presence was ...
Number of pages: 296 | Publication Date: 2010-01-01 | ISBN-13: 9781887456005

Contending For The ConstitutionContending For The Constitution
by Mark A. Beliles, Douglas S. Anderson
"Recalling the Christian Influence on the Writing of the Constitution and the Biblical Basis of American Law and Liberty" This companion to Defending the Declaration presents the case that the Constitution is based on Biblical principles and Christian influence. Using primary source evidence, the authors give an easy-reading history of the Constitu ...
Number of pages: 246 | Publication Date: 2005-05-01 | ISBN-13: 9781887456197

The Selected Religious Letters and Papers of Thomas JeffersonThe Selected Religious Letters and Papers of Thomas Jefferson
Mark A. Beliles
This edited volume of over 400 documents dealing with religion includes over 50 letters written by Jefferson but printed here for the first time in history from the 15 years that the official Papers of Thomas Jefferson, published by Princeton University Press, have yet to publish. This volume publishes far more of Jefferson's religious correspond ...
Number of pages: 432 | Publication Date: 2013 | ISBN-13: 9781887456456

Liberating the NationsLiberating the Nations
by Stephen McDowell, Mark Beliles
How do we go about liberating the nations? By infusing into them the principles contained in the Bible. History has shown that the most free and prosperous nations have been those that most accurately applied the principles of Christianity in every sphere of life. Learn Biblical principles of education, government, economics, law and family life. E ...
Number of pages: 214 | Publication Date: 1995-06-01 | ISBN-13: 9781887456012

Doubting ThomasDoubting Thomas
by Mark A. Beliles, Jerry Newcombe
Thomas Jefferson and the founding fathers intended a strict separation of church and state, right? He would have been very upset to find out about a child praying in a public school or a government building used for religious purposes, correct? Actually, the history on this has been very distorted. While Jefferson may seem to be the Patron Saint of ...
Number of pages: 520 | Publication Date: 2014-11-04 | ISBN-13: 9781630471521

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