Facing CodependenceFacing Codependence
by Pia Mellody, Andrea Miller, J. Miller
Revised and Updated With Over 600,000 Copies SoldPia Mellody creates a framework for identifying codependent thinking, emotions and behaviour and provides an effective approach to recovery. Mellody sets forth five primary adult symptoms of this crippling condition, then traces their origin to emotional, spiritual, intellectual, physical and sexual ...
Number of pages: 222 | Publication Date: 2003-04-29 | ISBN-13: 9780062505897

Facing Love AddictionFacing Love Addiction
by Pia Mellody, Andrea Miller, J. Miller
In this revised and updated version of Facing Love Addiction, bestselling author of Facing Codependence and internationally recognized dependence and addiction authority Pia Mellody unravels the intricate dynamics of unhealthy love relationships and shows us how to let go of toxic love. Through twelve-step work, exercises, and journal-keeping, Faci ...
Number of pages: 240 | Publication Date: 2003-04-29 | ISBN-13: 9780062506047

The Intimacy FactorThe Intimacy Factor
by Pia Mellody, Lawrence Freundlich
In her first book in over 10 years, Pia Mellody—author of the groundbreaking bestsellers Facing Codependence and Facing Love Addiction—shares her profound wisdom on what it takes to sustain true intimacy and trusting love in our most vital relationships.Drawing on more than 20 years' experience as a counsellor at the renowned Meadows Treatment ...
Number of pages: 215 | Publication Date: 2004-05-25 | ISBN-13: 9780060095802

Breaking FreeBreaking Free
by Pia Mellody, Andrea Wells Miller
In her pioneering Facing Codependence, Pia Mellody traced the origins of codependence back to childhood and a wide range of emotional, spiritual, intellectual, physical, and sexual abuses. Now in this innovative new workbook, she presents a step-by-step journal-keeping method for moving toward recovery from codependence. Based on such concepts as ...
Number of pages: 448 | Publication Date: 1989-12-13 | ISBN-13: 9780062505903

Codependent No MoreCodependent No More
Melody Beattie
The healing touchstone of millions, this modern classic by one of America's best-loved and most inspirational authors holds the key to understanding codependency and to unlocking its stultifying hold on your life.Is someone else's problem your problem? If, like so many others, you've lost sight of your own life in the drama of tending to someone el ...
Number of pages: 229 | Publication Date: 1986 | ISBN-13: 9780894864025

The Language of Letting GoThe Language of Letting Go
Melody Beattie
Written for those of us who struggle with codependency, these daily meditations offer growth and renewal, and remind us that the best thing we can do is take responsibility for our own self-care.Melody Beattie integrates her own life experiences and fundamental recovery reflections in this unique daily meditation book written especially for those o ...
Number of pages: 393 | Publication Date: 1990-07-01 | ISBN-13: 9780894866371

Facing Love Addiction Giving Yourself the Power to Change the Way You Love The Love Connection to CodependenceFacing Love Addiction Giving Yourself the Power to Change the Way You Love The Love Connection to Codependence
Pia Mellody
Facing Love Addiction: Giving Yourself the Power to Change the Way You Love --The Love Connection to Codependence by Andrea Wells Miller. HarperSanFrancisco,1992 ...
Number of pages: 240 | Publication Date: 2002-04-29 | ISBN-13: 8601400710425

You're Not Crazy - You're Codependent.You're Not Crazy - You're Codependent.
Jeanette Elisabeth Menter
If your life has been affected by addiction (yours or someone else's), abuse, trauma or toxic shaming, you may also be struggling with another invisible problem - codependency. Without your even being aware of the connection to the above issues, it has created additional life-long challenges such as endless guilt, anxiety, perfectionism, need to co ...
Number of pages: 182 | Publication Date: 2012-01-18 | ISBN-13: 9780615533469

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