Rahul Soni
Teaches you to start up Nginx and quickly take your expertise to a level where you can comfortably work with various aspects of the web server and make informed design decisions for your web farm. Nginx powers more than 40% of the top 1000 websites and is among the handful of web servers that can handle more than 10K simultaneous connections. It ha ...
Number of pages: 240 | Publication Date: 2016-08-25 | ISBN-13: 9781484216576

Analysis of Aluminium Alloy Processed Through Powder Metallurgy RouteAnalysis of Aluminium Alloy Processed Through Powder Metallurgy Route
Rahul Soni
Aluminium-Silicon alloys which are also known as Silumin alloys are mostly used in automobile industries. Powder Metallurgy process is a most suitable process to create silumin alloy. Efficient material utilization occurs in the Powder Metallurgy process. This book provides the knowledge to choose the optimum parameters i.e. the alloying compositio ...
Number of pages: 92 | Publication Date: 2017-09-26 | ISBN-13: 9783659798504

Project EmotionsProject Emotions
Rahul Soni
There was a time when the boy worshipped “Love”, but then she came and filled his heart with “Hate”. As time flew by, the boy became a seeker of “Attraction”, but little did he knew, it will all end in “Aversion”. But the boy was a fighter, he never lost “Hope”, but God had better plans, as the boy was casted in a chamber of “ ...
Number of pages: 104 | Publication Date: 2015-08-25 | ISBN-13: 9781482856538

Quinazolinone derivatives as anti-microbial agentsQuinazolinone derivatives as anti-microbial agents
by Rahul Dixit, Love Kumar Soni
This book gives an insight about approach of searching and developing newer medicinal agents. The authors have described a new method of computer aided drug design by utilizing QSAR (CoMFA and CoMSIA) and docking simultaneously in designing of molecules. Further, they have covered the way of synthesizing the designed moieties and evaluating them ag ...
Number of pages: 112 | Publication Date: 2018-01-25 | ISBN-13: 9786135849165

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