Persuasion and Social Movements, Sixth EditionPersuasion and Social Movements, Sixth Edition
by Charles J. Stewart, Robert E. Denton Jr., Craig Allen Smith
Conflict over moral, religious, social, political, and economic values fuel social movements. People form organized collectivities to promote or to oppose changes in societal norms and values. The steady growth in globalization and access to information have increased the perception of threats to identity, values, and culture. Persuasion and Social ...
Number of pages: 437 | Publication Date: 2012-06-04 | ISBN-13: 9781577667773

Political Campaign CommunicationPolitical Campaign Communication
by Judith S. Trent, Robert V. Friedenberg, Robert E. Denton Jr.
Now in its seventh edition, Political Campaign Communication provides a realistic understanding of the strategic and tactical communication practices utilized in contemporary political campaigns. Trent, Friedenberg, and Denton's classic text has been updated to reflect recent election campaigns, including the 2010 congressional elections and the in ...
Number of pages: 464 | Publication Date: 2011-08-11 | ISBN-13: 9781442206724

The 2016 US Presidential CampaignThe 2016 US Presidential Campaign
This volume focuses on the 2016 Presidential campaign from a communication perspective, with each chapter considering a specific area of political campaign communication and practice. The first section includes chapters on the early candidate nomination campaigns, the nominating conventions, the debates, political advertising and new media technolo ...
Number of pages: 331 | Publication Date: 2017-07-22 | ISBN-13: 9783319525983

Persuasion and Influence in American Life, Seventh EditionPersuasion and Influence in American Life, Seventh Edition
by Gary C. Woodward, Robert E. Denton Jr.
For more than twenty-five years, the authors have highlighted the complexities, subtleties, and pervasive influence of persuasive messages. The seventh edition again blends historical, rhetorical, and social psychological approaches to persuasion theory. The engaging discussions and multiple examples introduce the intricacies of social influence an ...
Number of pages: 445 | Publication Date: 2014-01-10 | ISBN-13: 9781478607892

Social Fragmentation and the Decline of American DemocracySocial Fragmentation and the Decline of American Democracy
by Robert E. Denton Jr., Benjamin Voth
This book explores the social and political implications of what the authors identify as the decline of the social contract in America and the rise of a citizenry that has become self-centered, entitled, and independent. For nearly two decades, America has been in a “cultural war” over moral values and social issues, becoming a divided nation g ...
Number of pages: 195 | Publication Date: 2017-03-21 | ISBN-13: 9783319555065

Persuasion and Influence in American LifePersuasion and Influence in American Life
by Gary C. Woodward, Robert E. Denton Jr.
As the authors note in the preface to the sixth edition, “The study of persuasion is not static. Any single edition is but a snapshot of a continuously changing landscape.” For over two decades, Gary Woodward and Robert Denton have blended a historical and rhetorical focus with social psychology to explore the dynamic and fascinating terrain of ...
Number of pages: 460 | Publication Date: 2008-08-31 | ISBN-13: 9781577665717

Politics and Communication in AmericaPolitics and Communication in America
by Robert E. Denton Jr, Jim A. Kuypers
Communication provides the basis of social cohesion, issue discussion, and legislative enactment core features of political activity and governing in the United States. Denton and Kuypers, experts in the field of political communication, synthesize materials and sources from political science, communication, history, journalism, and sociology to de ...
Number of pages: 353 | Publication Date: 2008-02-28 | ISBN-13: 9781577665335

Political Communication in America, 3rd Edition (Praeger Series in Political Communication)Political Communication in America, 3rd Edition (Praeger Series in Political Communication)
by Robert E. Denton Jr., Gary C. Woodward
Denton and Woodward provide a newly updated revision of their classic in political communication. This pioneering text provides a systematic and comprehensive analysis of the role and function of communication in American politics.A synthesis of some of the best writing in political communication from the fields of communication, political science, ...
Number of pages: 328 | Publication Date: 1998-11-10 | ISBN-13: 9780275957834

Communicator-in-Chief: How Barack Obama Used New Media Technology to Win the White House examines the fascinating and precedent-setting role new media technologies and the Internet played in the 2008 presidential campaign that allowed for the historic election of the nation's first African American president. It was the first presidential campaign ...
Number of pages: 188 | Publication Date: 2010-01-14 | ISBN-13: 9780739141069

Persuasion and Social MovementsPersuasion and Social Movements
by Charles J. Stewart, Craig Allen Smith, Robert E. Denton Jr.
For two decades, readers have navigated the approaches, theories, and controversies surrounding social movements with the thought-provoking guidance of Stewart, Smith, and Denton. In the Fourth Edition, the authors continue their synthesis, application, and extension of social movement persuasion. The new edition includes a chapter on identificatio ...
Number of pages: 381 | Publication Date: 2001-01-10 | ISBN-13: 9781577661450

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