Whatever After Boxset, Books 1-6 (Whatever After)Whatever After Boxset, Books 1-6 (Whatever After)
Sarah Mlynowski
Whatever After offers a fresh, modern spin on classic fairy tales! When the magic mirror in their basement transports them into classic fairy tales, siblings Abby and Jonah accidentally mess up the stories . . . and they have to find a way to set things right! This box set includes the first six hilarious, fractured-fairy-tale adventures! Whatever ...
Number of pages: --- | Publication Date: 2015-08-25 | ISBN-13: 9780545855761

Two Peas in a Pod (Whatever After #11)Two Peas in a Pod (Whatever After #11)
Sarah Mlynowski
I've landed -- along with my brother, Jonah, and our dog, Prince -- in the fairy tale of The Princess and the Pea! When I can't fall asleep on top of a hundred mattresses, the kingdom decides I must be the princess they're looking for. Talk about royal treatment -- I'm suddenly being waited on hand and foot. Plus, I get unlimited ball gowns, sparkl ...
Number of pages: 176 | Publication Date: 2018-04-24 | ISBN-13: 9781338162899

Seeing Red (Whatever After #12)Seeing Red (Whatever After #12)
Sarah Mlynowski
The New York Times bestselling series!I really want the magic mirror in my basement to take me to my friend's sleepover party. But of course, I end up falling into a fairy tale -- Little Red Riding Hood!When my brother, Jonah, and I bump into Little Red in the forest, we try to warn her about the big, bad (and hungry) wolf who's coming after her an ...
Number of pages: 176 | Publication Date: 2018-10-30 | ISBN-13: 9781338162929

Spill the Beans (Whatever After #13)Spill the Beans (Whatever After #13)
Sarah Mlynowski
The New York Times bestselling series!My brother Jonah's dream has come true. We have FINALLY landed in his favorite fairy tale: Jack and the Beanstalk!It's a lot of fun meeting Jack. But then we accidentally mess up his story, which means Jack can't climb up the magic beanstalk to find the giant's riches. It's time to take matters into our own han ...
Number of pages: 176 | Publication Date: 2019-04-30 | ISBN-13: 9781338162974

Whatever After Box Set Includes Books 1-9Whatever After Box Set Includes Books 1-9
Sarah Mlynowski
Abby and Jonah keep accidentally messing up fairy tales in these magical misadventures. ...
Number of pages: --- | Publication Date: 2017 | ISBN-13: 9781338081596

Bras & Broomsticks (Magic In Manhattan)Bras & Broomsticks (Magic In Manhattan)
Sarah Mlynowski
From the New York Times bestselling author of the Whatever After series, the first book in the hilariously bewitching Magic in Manhattan series!  What if all your wishes could come true? Blink your eyes, drink a fizzing pink potion, and poof! Life is perfect. That’s Rachel’s situation. Except she’s not the one who suddenly has magical powe ...
Number of pages: 320 | Publication Date: 2006-06-13 | ISBN-13: 9780385731843

Fairest of All (Whatever After #1)Fairest of All (Whatever After #1)
Sarah Mlynowski
The first installment of Sarah Mylowski's New York Times bestselling series!Be the bravest of them all . . .Once upon a time my brother and I were normal kids. The next minute? The mirror in our basement slurped us up and magically transported us inside Snow White's fairy tale.I know it sounds crazy, but it's true.But hey -- we're heroes! We stoppe ...
Number of pages: 176 | Publication Date: 2013-04-01 | ISBN-13: 9780545485715

Upside-Down Magic (Upside-Down Magic #1)Upside-Down Magic (Upside-Down Magic #1)
by Sarah Mlynowski, Lauren Myracle, Emily Jenkins
It's never easy when your magic goes wonky.For Nory, this means that instead of being able to turn into a dragon or a kitten, she turns into both of them at the same time -- a dritten.For Elliott, the simple act of conjuring fire from his fingertips turns into a fully frozen failure.For Andres, wonky magic means he's always floating in the air, bou ...
Number of pages: 208 | Publication Date: 2016-08-30 | ISBN-13: 9780545800464

Weather or Not (Upside-Down Magic #5)Weather or Not (Upside-Down Magic #5)
by Sarah Mlynowski, Lauren Myracle, Emily Jenkins
When Willa's upside-down magic rains, it pours. Clouds form under ceilings. Classrooms get flooded. Nory and the kids in Ms. Starr's Upside-Down Magic class always have umbrellas nearby, just in case. Willa hates being the source of such sogginess. And yet the more she rains, the worse she feels . . . and the worse she feels, the more she rains. No ...
Number of pages: 192 | Publication Date: 2018-09-11 | ISBN-13: 9781338221473

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