Corps BusinessCorps Business
David H. Freedman
Fast. Motivated. Hard-hitting. That's what every business wants to be. And that's why the U.S. Marines excel in every mission American throws at them, no matter how tough the odds. In Corps Business, journalist David H. Freeman identifies the Marine's simple but devastatingly effective principles for managing people and resources - and ultimately w ...
Number of pages: 240 | Publication Date: 2001-04-24 | ISBN-13: 9780066619798

Jet Fighters of the U. S. Navy and Marine CorpsJet Fighters of the U. S. Navy and Marine Corps
Bert Kinzey
Jet Fighters of the U. S. Navy and Marine Corps is a two-book series that describes the entire history of American Naval jet fighters, from the very beginning when many thought that the onset of military jets would mean the end of naval carrier-based aviation, to today when the fifth-generation stealth jet F-35B/C Lightning II has begun its service ...
Number of pages: 113 | Publication Date: 2019-07-10 | ISBN-13: 9781076636249

First to FightFirst to Fight
Victor H. Krulak
"Required Reading" Marine Corps Professional Reading ProgramBluejacket Paperback Book SeriesIn this riveting insider's chronicle, legendary Marine General "Brute" Krulak submits an unprecedented examination of U.S. Marines--their fights on the battlefield and off, their extraordinary esprit de corps. Deftly blending history with autobiography, acti ...
Number of pages: 272 | Publication Date: 1999-02-22 | ISBN-13: 9781557504647

Miracle at Belleau WoodMiracle at Belleau Wood
Alan Axelrod author of "Generals South Generals North"
Now in paperback!Military Book Club® Main Selection History Book Club® Featured Alternate*The battle that transformed a group of common soldiers into the modern-day Marine CorpsMiracle at Belleau Wood begins in June 1918 at Les Mare Farm in France with just 200 U.S. marines, who spilled their blood to prevail against impossible odds, resisting a ...
Number of pages: 280 | Publication Date: 2018-05-01 | ISBN-13: 9781493032891

Greatest U.S. Marine Corps Stories Ever ToldGreatest U.S. Marine Corps Stories Ever Told
The amazing experiences of America's proud Marines, from the birth of the U.S. Marine Corps to today's operations around the globe. From the highly successful "Greatest Stories Ever Told" series--over 150,000 in print! ...
Number of pages: 318 | Publication Date: 2007-08-01 | ISBN-13: 9781599210179

Phantom in the Sky (North Texas Military Biography and Memoir Series)Phantom in the Sky (North Texas Military Biography and Memoir Series)
Terry L Thorsen
Phantom in the Sky is the story of a Radar Intercept Officer (RIO) in the back seat of the supersonic Phantom jet during the Vietnam War—a unique, tactical perspective of the “guy in back,” or GIB, absent from other published aviation accounts. During the time of Terry L. Thorsen’s service from 1966 to 1970, the RIO played an integral part ...
Number of pages: 400 | Publication Date: 2019-03-26 | ISBN-13: 9781574417548

U.S. Marines in VietnamU.S. Marines in Vietnam
by Graham A. Cosmas, USMC, Lieutenant Colonel Terrence P. Murray, U.S. Marine Corps History and Museums Division
This is the eighth volume in a planned 10-volume operational and chronological series covering the Marine Corps' participation in the Vietnam War. A separate topical series will complement the operational histories. This particular volume details the gradual withdrawal in 1970-1971 of Marine combat forces from South Vietnam's northernmost corps are ...
Number of pages: 502 | Publication Date: 2013-11-26 | ISBN-13: 9781494287498

The Last Stand of Fox CompanyThe Last Stand of Fox Company
by Bob Drury, Tom Clavin
November 1950, the Korean Peninsula: After General MacArthur ignores Mao’s warnings and pushes his UN forces deep into North Korea, his 10,000 First Division Marines find themselves surrounded and hopelessly outnumbered by 100,000 Chinese soldiers near the Chosin Reservoir. Their only chance for survival is to fight their way south through the To ...
Number of pages: 355 | Publication Date: 2009-11-03 | ISBN-13: 9780802144515

U.S. Marines in the Korean WarU.S. Marines in the Korean War
U.S. Marine Corps
The anthology of articles that follows was compiled by the History and Museums Division duringthe 50th Anniversary commemoration of the Korean Conflict, 1950–1953. The focus of the various authors who wrote these historically related works on Korea did so to remember those Marines who fought and died in what some historians sometimes characterize ...
Number of pages: 740 | Publication Date: 2018-01-06 | ISBN-13: 9781946411228

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