Extreme OwnershipExtreme Ownership
by Jocko Willink, Leif Babin
An updated edition of the blockbuster bestselling leadership book that took America and the world by storm, two U.S. Navy SEAL officers who led the most highly decorated special operations unit of the Iraq War demonstrate how to apply powerful leadership principles from the battlefield to business and life. Now with an excerpt from the authors' new ...
Number of pages: 384 | Publication Date: 2017-11-21 | ISBN-13: 9781250183866

U. S. Navy and Marine Carrier-Based Aircraft of World War IIU. S. Navy and Marine Carrier-Based Aircraft of World War II
by Bert Kinzey, Rock Roszak
The latest book from Detail & Scale is a unique look at all of the American carrier-based fighters, scout/dive bombers, and torpedo bombers of World War II. Each of the well-known aircraft types are covered, but so too are the lesser known aircraft that reached the flying prototype stage during the war. The book also includes a section with maps sh ...
Number of pages: 114 | Publication Date: 2018-06-24 | ISBN-13: 9781982962128

Jet Fighters of the U. S. Navy and Marine CorpsJet Fighters of the U. S. Navy and Marine Corps
Bert Kinzey
Jet Fighters of the U. S. Navy and Marine Corps is a two-book series that describes the entire history of American Naval jet fighters, from the very beginning when many thought that the onset of military jets would mean the end of naval carrier-based aviation, to today when the fifth-generation stealth jet F-35B/C Lightning II has begun its service ...
Number of pages: 113 | Publication Date: 2019-07-10 | ISBN-13: 9781076636249

A Sailor's History of the U.S. NavyA Sailor's History of the U.S. Navy
Thomas J. Cutler
Today's sailors have too little appreciation of their heritage. To counter this problem, Thomas J. Cutler has compiled a history of our naval heritage in the form of A Sailor's History of the U.S. Navy. The work is unique in two important ways. First, it is written thematically rather than chronologically. This allows recent history to be blended w ...
Number of pages: 224 | Publication Date: 2005-01-15 | ISBN-13: 9781591141518

The U.S. NavyThe U.S. Navy
Craig L. Symonds
This fast-paced narrative traces the emergence of the United States Navy as a global power from its birth during the American Revolution through to its current superpower status. The story highlights iconic moments of great drama pivotal to the nation's fortunes: John Paul Jones' attacks on the British in the Revolution, the Barbary Wars, and the a ...
Number of pages: 152 | Publication Date: 2015-11-30 | ISBN-13: 9780199394944

The Parent's Guide to the U.S. NavyThe Parent's Guide to the U.S. Navy
Thomas J. Cutler
Military ways can be enigmatic, resulting in an alien world where acronyms often replace words and where "1330" is a time of day. Add to that, the Navy is not only military, it is nautical, which adds centuries of sea-going terminology and practices to the confusion. While the young men and women who sign on to become Sailors in the United States N ...
Number of pages: 320 | Publication Date: 2017-02-15 | ISBN-13: 9781682471753

Neptune's InfernoNeptune's Inferno
James D. Hornfischer
"A masterpiece of 20th-century naval history." --Bob Shacochis, National Book Award-winning author of The Immaculate Invasion"The star of this year's reading list is James D. Hornfischer, a military historian whose flair for narrative is rivaled only by his ability to organize the sweep of battle and assess strategy and tactics in layman's terms." ...
Number of pages: 544 | Publication Date: 2012-03-06 | ISBN-13: 9780553385120

U.S. Navy Deployment JournalU.S. Navy Deployment Journal
hank powers
U.S. Navy Deployment Journal This Deployment Journal Is A Convenient Way For All Ranks To Immortalize Events To Provide For Future Memories. Authored By A Retired U.S Navy Chief Petty Officer Who Wishes He Had Written Down The Names Of Shipmates And Important Things Now Long Forgotten. ...
Number of pages: 200 | Publication Date: 2018-08-02 | ISBN-13: 9781724673152

Companion WorkbookCompanion Workbook
Book Nerd
Apply the principles of Extreme Ownership to your life, and put them into action. This companion workbook to Jocko Willink’s and Leif Babin’s Extreme Ownership: How U.S. Navy Seals Lead and Win will allow you to create an action plan for your goals. The following sections of the workbook will allow you to ponder, plan, and accomplish your main ...
Number of pages: 50 | Publication Date: 2019-05-07 | ISBN-13: 9781097148493

Six FrigatesSix Frigates
Ian W. Toll
"A fluent, intelligent history...give[s] the reader a feel for the human quirks and harsh demands of life at sea."―New York Times Book Review Before the ink was dry on the U.S. Constitution, the establishment of a permanent military became the most divisive issue facing the new government. The founders―particularly Jefferson, Madison, and Adams ...
Number of pages: 592 | Publication Date: 2008-03-17 | ISBN-13: 9780393330328

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