Bouncing Back

Bouncing Back

I've Survived Everything ... and I Mean Everything ... and You Can Too!

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Number of pages: 256

ISBN-10: 0061096016

ISBN-13: 9780061096013

"There are many self-help books by Ph.D's, but I hold a different degree: an I.B.T.I.A. -- I've Been Through It All. This degree comes not on parchment but on gauze, and it entitles me to tell you that there is a way to get through any misfortune."
-- From Bouncing Back

Survival stratagems from Joan Rivers

Whatever doesn't kill you makes you strongerAnd always remember: Surviving is the best revengeLook at Alexander Graham Bell, who did 22,000 experiments before he hit on the telephone. Just a few more and he would have had call waitingWhenever I hit bottom, the only thing I think of was set down by Jerome Kern: Pick myself up, dust myself off and start all over again. Dr. Kevorkian will get no call from me, unless I think he'd look good in a brooch.

A fiercely honest and moving story of how Joan Rivers, one of comedy's greatest stars, survived the worst that life could throw at her, how she hit bottom and then made it back to the top.

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