Political Campaign Communication

Political Campaign Communication

Principles and Practices, Fourth Edition

Publication Date:

Number of pages: 408

ISBN-10: 0275964051

ISBN-13: 9780275964054

This comprehensive analysis of political campaign communication provides readers with historical and contemporary perspectives of all levels of political campaigning. This book is unique in recognizing that elections are the core of democracy and that political campaign communication is the epistemological base of the campaign.

This fourth edition of the classic text on American political communication uses principles and practices of speech communication to examine election campaigns. Widely used as the only truly comprehensive book written from a campaign perspective, this new edition is distinguished by fresh examples and information from the 1996 presidential campaign, the 1998 congressional campaigns, and early 2000 presidential campaigns.

Trent and Friedenberg include up-to-date analysis and discussions of communicative styles and strategies, categories of advertising, advertising campaigns, mass media consumption and research, political debates and public speaking, news conferences and apologias, and the effects and influence of political consultants. Practitioners and students alike will clearly understand the strategic and tactical communication choices candidates and their campaign managers must make in this increasingly important area of American life. A crucial text for courses in political campaign communication, campaigns, persuasion, and mass communication.

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