Practical Design of Power Supplies

Practical Design of Power Supplies

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Number of pages: 288

ISBN-10: 9780471750451

ISBN-13: 9780471750451

Practical Design of Power Supplies

"In a rare and very welcome departure from the power industry's standard technical treatise, Ron Lenk's book . . . offers a clear, pragmatic view of the practical real-world aspects governing power supply design . . . . Engineers at all levels . . . can expect to gain an enlightened perspective normally gained only after years of design experience."
--Frank Wahl, Managing Editor, PCIM Magazine

"This is a real hands-on reference in which Ron has done an outstanding job of combining just enough theory for understanding, together with several lifetimes' worth of experience. I am confident that it is destined to become dog-eared and worn on the top of every power supply designer's desk."
--Bob Mammano, Vice President Advanced Technology, Unitrode

Practical Design of Power Supplies details key techniques and offers advice to engineers and technicians who want to design and build power supplies that work the first time they are turned on. Leading authority Ron Lenk presents current, experiment-based information that can save hours of research and design time.

Containing many handy "Practice Notes" and real-world examples, Practical Design of Power Supplies is an excellent how-to reference to keep by your side throughout the design, lab, and production phases. The topics covered will be immediately useful in everyday circuits and systems work:
* Common terms and instrumentation
* How to design successful magnetics
* How to compensate the feedback loop to obtain stable operation
* Practical EMI
* Topology selection
* Worst-case analysis

Practical Design of Power Supplies will be especially useful to designers who need to understand and implement the concepts behind loop compensation and magnetics design.

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