Recalling Our Own Stories

Recalling Our Own Stories

Spiritual Renewal for Religious Caregivers

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Number of pages: 176

ISBN-10: 0787903639

ISBN-13: 9780787903633

Reconnect with your original call to ministry and passion forcaregiving with this spiritual reneretreat in book form.

Clergy and other professional religious caregivers routinely findthat parishioners and clients expect from them a superhuman levelof empathy and love?a level that embodies God's love. Many of thesecaregivers expect no less of themselves. This myth of perfectionoften leads to burnout in caregivers, who then run the risk ofdamaging themselves and others.

Minister and counselor Edward P. Wimberly crafts a powerful andinnovative path to renewal based on his popular workshops andretreats. He guides religious professionals?trained to attend tothe stories of others?to reexamine the personal and professionalstories that shape their own lives as individuals, family members,and ministers. Recalling Our Own Stories, a spiritual renewalretreat in book form, guides religious professionals inreconnecting with their original calling. Most important, it offersreaders ways to reauthor their personal mythologies, giving themrenewed vigor in ministry and caregiving.

Wimberly shares the varied life stories of caregivers of diversecultural backgrounds while walking readers through the process ofrevisiting their lives, recognizing unrealistic expectations, andtransforming wounded beliefs into sources of compassion, strength,and renewal.

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