A Family Shaped by Grace

A Family Shaped by Grace

How to Get Along with the People Who Matter Most

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Number of pages: 224

ISBN-10: 0800727959

ISBN-13: 9780800727956

"Gary Morland is a gifted communicator who has learned many lessons the hard way.  He grew up in a dysfunctional family and went down that road himself, bottoming out as a confused alcoholic with a wife, two daughters, and no idea how to change. God transformed Gary's life through his grace and the practical advice of wise mentors. Those lessons are passed along in this powerful and insightful book."--John Fuller, cohost of Focus on the Family---------- As a teenager, Gary Morland lived in an unhappy, dysfunctional family characterized by addiction and disharmony. When he started a family of his own, he brought with him those same destructive patterns. Yet he sensed there must be a way to have a family shaped by acceptance and grace, a family that was loving, whole, and at peace with one another. The problem was, he didn't know how. 
In this life-giving book, Morland shares his journey of discovering the timeless tools of family peace that will help you . . .break unhealthy relationship patternssave your family relationshipslearn how to generously offer grace to the people who matter most in your lifeThis book will transform your family culture and your family legacy--starting with yourself. ----------"Gary gives incredible insight into the supernatural peacefulness God has available for every family. His practical guidance will give you the tools you need to lead your family into peace with both confidence and excellence."--Jimmy Myers, PhD, LPC-S, author of Fearless Parenting: Raising a Faithful Child in a Secular Culture "I'm thankful for a voice like Gary Morland speaking into our generation about family and grace and how God can make all things new. This book is an excellent read and will be an inspiration to many."--Annie F. Downs, bestselling author of Looking for Lovely and Let's All Be Brave "In A Family Shaped by Grace, Morland shares tools for crafting the kind of family we all want with family members who love well, serve well, and work together toward something eternal."--Seth Haines, author of Coming Clean: A Story of Faith

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