Looking Glass

Looking Glass

Publication Date:

Number of pages: 308

ISBN-10: 0979588901

ISBN-13: 9780979588907

Looking Glass is set in the not too distant future, in a gritty, unrefined, shattered North America, torn apart by civil war and terrorism. Hackers and IT security technicians fight a different kind of war in cyberspace, the global network we know today as the Internet. A serial killer appears in this deadly game of mouse, and the killer has found a way to use the network to reach inside his victim's brains, and use these brains as his weapon. Death is painful and swift, and there is no defense. "Shroud" is the online name of Dr. Catherine Farro. She is a security network team leader for a large retail company. Shroud is a paraplegic, but in the realm of cyberspace, inside a sensory deprivation tank and "jacked in" to the network, she is fast, nimble, and ruthless. She is self-described as "frosty" when she is busy bringing the fight to the hackers. Shroud is just beginning her shift when the killer strikes for the first time. She survives, but her entire team is dead or missing. She is exiled from her corporate resources while the company to which she has given so much has turned against her in a tempest of crisis management. Despite the obstacles in her path, she is bent on vengeance, and her search for the mysterious, anonymous killer is fraught with peril and overwhelming odds.

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