Fairview Farmer

Fairview Farmer

Memories of Earl V. Noble

Publication Date:

Number of pages: 102

ISBN-10: 0985834528

ISBN-13: 9780985834524

Earl Noble (1911-2010) had an eye for detail and a sharp memory for events from his life in the early 1900s in Edwards, NY. He was a dairy farmer in rural St. Lawrence County for over fifty years. Earl's Scottish ancestors immigrated in 1819 on the ship Renown and established a homestead that was farmed by the Noble family until the 1970s. Fairview Farmer includes anecdotes and descriptions of farm life and Edwards residents of the early 20th century. NOTE from the author: This book was originally created for family members as a way of remembering Earl and his stories; because of local interest, it is posted as a convenience to people familiar with Edwards, NY, in St. Lawrence County, and its early residents.

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