The Art of Analyzing People

The Art of Analyzing People

Learn How To Master The Art Of Analyzing and Influencing Anyone with Body Language, Covert NLP, Ethical Manipulation and Emotional Intelligence

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Number of pages: 226

ISBN-10: 1095958461

ISBN-13: 9781095958469

Have you ever wondered how your body gestures could perhaps determine people’s perception of you?

When people around you make gestures either to one another or on their own, do you get angry and perhaps frustrated at not being able to understand them? Do you feel lost in all this?

Do you ever think that there’s a whole lot more being communicated beyond what is being verbally said, but you don’t just know how or where to listen?

Behavioral manipulation is seen in almost every aspect of society; however, it is not recognized for what it is. This book will equip you to be a more effective behavioral analyst. Armed with this knowledge, you can influence people more to achieve results. The knowledge here is applicable in the family, in the workplace, in academia, and in basic human interactions.

Here's just a fraction of what you'll discover inside:

How to develop your intuition and perception to automatically pick up on body language cluesThe biggest mistake people make when trying to read peopleHow to instantly spot the most powerful person in the roomThe number one thing to look for to know if someone is intelligent (It's not what you think)The big signs someone is lying to youLittle-known speech clues that give you a ton of information about a person's personality and mindsetSurefire signals he or she is romantically interested in you (this is different for men and women)And much, much more

Take a second to imagine how your day-to-day life will change when you can instantly analyze people everywhere you go. When an employee of a company begins exhibiting problem behaviors in the workplace, there are measures that are engaged to help identify and eliminate the negative tendencies of the employee in order to ensure optimum productivity. And if there are ways to enhance work-related behavior, then surely there are ways to influence other situational expressions of their personality.

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