Christian Counseling 3rd Edition

Christian Counseling 3rd Edition

Revised and Updated

Publication Date:

Number of pages: 976

ISBN-10: 1418503290

ISBN-13: 9781418503291

This proven guide in pastoral counseling has been extensively expanded and revised by the author to include recent developments and research, new resources, and attention to newly urgent needs such as AIDS, eating disorders, homosexuality, and violence. Written with clarity and sensitivity, this volume builds on biblical foundations and the best resources of professional psychology. It reflects the insights the author has gained from many years of Christian counseling.

New Sections include:

The Legal, Ethical and Moral Issues in Counseling The Multicultural, Multiracial Issues in Counseling Conflict and Relationships Dealing with Death and Grief Alcoholism and Other Substance Abuse Crises and Trauma Counseling and Terrorism

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