Dog Shaming 2018 Wall Calendar

Dog Shaming 2018 Wall Calendar

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Number of pages: 24

ISBN-10: 1449485162

ISBN-13: 9781449485160

Dogs are faithful friends and trusted companions, sources of unconditional love and loyalty, right? Sure, that's true. But that doesn't mean they aren't also, on occasion, sources of frustration and dismay. From Pascale Lemire's blog that started it all comes a year's worth of collages of funny photos that show the less-than-ideal side of life with dogs.

The Dog Shaming 2018 Wall Calendar features an all-new selection of color photos from the site's funniest and cutest pups. Each month highlights some of the best submissions from Dog lovers will be able to relate to the crazy antics and appreciate the dogs' endearing expressions that make it so hard to hold anything against them for long.


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