First World Problems

First World Problems

101 Reasons Why The Terrorists Hate Us

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Number of pages: 160

ISBN-10: 1468104624

ISBN-13: 9781468104622

You are reading this on a screen. You have First World Problems.

First World Problems: 101 Reasons Why The Terrorists Hate Us is a collection of short humorous essays and rants from a man who knows suffering. It is comedy that borders on tragedy.

What are First World Problems? A First World Problem is a trivial issue that afflicts people in wealthier nations declared to be in the "First World."

 Third World Problem"I have to walk three miles to draw water from a dirty well or else I'll die of dehydration." 

First World Problem"We have nothing to drink in the fridge except filtered tap water."

Do you have nothing to drink except a limitless supply of tap water?

Have you ever bought so much food at the grocery store that it molded before you could eat it?

Did you buy an iPhone one week before the new model was announced?

You're suffering from First World Problems.

What follows is the graphic account of what it's like to live in the First World. Tales of unreasonably cold air conditioning, eating to the point of exhaustion, and being unable to enjoy Summer weather due to gainful employment in a bad economy. 

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