The Well Kept Secret

The Well Kept Secret

Publication Date:

Number of pages: 398

ISBN-10: 1484989147

ISBN-13: 9781484989142

At dusk on the saddest and most terrifying day of her life, Haley Stuart, along with her twin brother Nelson, escapes to the home of the Professor, their mysterious godfather. The old man soon learns that the twins are being hunted for the strange and ancient manuscript that Haley brought back from her recent trip to England. Only the professor can decipher the book and explain why the twins are being hunted for its contents. Through the course of one long, sleepless night, the twins and the professor uncover the thousand-year-old secrets of their ancestors in England. They are riveted by the revelations of fourteen poignant ancestors whose stories, one at a time, color Haley’s world with a beautiful and desperately-needed depth of self-understanding. And while taking this suspenseful journey back into eleventh-century England, the trials and adventures of her forbears seem to be presenting Haley with the solution to her own modern-day nightmare. The Well Kept Secret is a fun and compelling frolic through eleventh-century England, a playful historical romp which suddenly leaves its readers face to face with their own foremothers, their own forefathers, and their own well-kept secrets.

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