Learning Apache Drill

Learning Apache Drill

Query and Analyze Structured Data

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Number of pages: 308

ISBN-10: 1492032794

ISBN-13: 9781492032793

Apache Drill enables interactive analysis of massively large datasets, allowing you to execute SQL queries against data in many different data sources—including Hadoop and MongoDB clusters, HBase, or even your local file system—and get results quickly. With this practical guide, analysts and data scientists focused on business or research applications will learn how to incorporate Drill capabilities into complex programs, including how to use Drill queries to replace some MapReduce operations in a large-scale program.

Drill committers Charles Givre and Paul Rogers provide an introduction to Drill and its ability to handle large files containing data in flexible formats with nested data structures and tables. You’ll discover how this capability fills a gap in the Hadoop ecosystem.

Additional topics show you how to:

Prepare and organize data to maximize Drill performanceSet expectations for Drill performance on different data types and volumesReconcile Drill’s schema-free features with schema-full JDBC and ODBC clients

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