This Book Is Funny

This Book Is Funny

Humorous Short Stories, Satire, and Scripty Sorts of Things

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Number of pages: 322

ISBN-10: 1494402149

ISBN-13: 9781494402143

High Acolades Indeed: "It’s hip, it’s brave, it’s laugh-out-loud funny. Wish I’d thought of it first." Jimmy Fallon’s postman "If ever there was a book that made me want to eat my Kindle, it’s this one. Ever heard of edible humor? No? Well, this is that." Anthony Bourdain’s green grocer "Yeah, baby." Diane Rheam’s manicurist What happens when a caveman goes shopping for real estate? Or a hypnotist learns the value of advertising from within? Or a famous children’s television character goes speed dating? These and other pertinent questions are answered in Michelle Sandoval’s first collection of humorous short stories, satire, and comedy sketches. (Warning: Don’t try the sketches at home. At least not without fire retardant sweaters.) If you’re looking for a funny book that will entertain and make you laugh out loud, even if you’re in the dentist’s waiting area, or if you need to unplug from the serious side of life, then you need this book; if not for the pure entertainment value, then for the mental health it will provide, as medicine is the best laughter. Or whatever. We think you’ll agree: This Book is Funny. What critics are saying: "Ha. Ha." "LOL." "Snort. Guffaw. Chortle." About Michelle Sandoval: Michelle grew up staring out the window during math class. So, no, she’s not a brilliant mathematician. But the girl can write because that’s all she managed to do or to think about when she was supposed to be doing other more responsible things. Like combing her hair. Or eating. It still happens in alarming regularity, but with the help of her husband, son, and mighty mini dachshund, she’s fed and cleaned up pretty well.

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