Millennial Culture and Communication Pedagogies

Millennial Culture and Communication Pedagogies

Narratives from the Classroom and Higher Education

Publication Date:

Number of pages: 286

ISBN-10: 1498550649

ISBN-13: 9781498550642

This book examines the ways in which faculty and staff at the higher education level teach and communicate with their millennial students and colleagues. The contributors address how millennials' academic and non-academic interests and everyday performances within and outside of higher education influence how faculty and staff communicate with them. This book delves into how millennials can become more adaptable in their communication with others in society especially in higher education, be it from different generations, or cultures that may or may not communicate the way they do. The contributors argue that millennial culture should be carefully studied by instructors, researchers, and administrators to create a better classroom and educational experience and also improve the level of communication among these constituencies.

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