The Courageous Years

The Courageous Years

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Number of pages: 374

ISBN-10: 1511631538

ISBN-13: 9781511631532

The Courageous Years is a sequel to From Calico to Crinoline by this same author. It shows the energy and excitement of politics and industry of the Civil War Years 1855-1870. It depicts the tragic happenings and disruptions that occurred during this period, along with simultaneous development of the Transcontinental Railroad and the men who accomplished heroic feats of brain and brawn It is the love story of Jedediah Wingate, trained in railroad law, and his work in congress as lobbyist, and his wife Penny Wingate her pioneering spirit and the people who populated their world, the victories and failures; joy and despair; separation and reunion. Politically and financially it seems there is nothing new under the sun. Though not always condoning the actions of many, bold times called for bold actions. Without greedy men taking big risks, many of our heroic achievements of those years would not have come to fruition.

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