An alpha male criminal Romance (Hotter Than Hell Novel) (Volume 1)

Publication Date:

Number of pages: 224

ISBN-10: 1517794404

ISBN-13: 9781517794408

She's an ex-cop and he's the head of a crime syndicate. 
Heat turns to sizzle and hearts combust when they find themselveswanting more than a few hot nights between cool sheets. 
After a shoulder injury ends her respectable career as a policeofficer, Mak also known as Madison Abigail Kinlock turns to the seedy world ofprivate investigations by default. Now her job consists of cheating douchebagsand baby daddies dodging child support. Things can't get much worse. 
Moon controls Arizona's largest crime syndicate. His bronze skinand blue eyes leave a girl breathless even when that girl knows he's bad news.Moon doesn't give a flying fig what Mak thinks; he wants her--ex-cop, bad attitude,and all.
How does she resist the dark side when her body craves Moon'ssearing touch? Things only get hotter in Phoenix when Mak finds herself in adeadly situation and must turn to Moon for help.
He'll help but there's a price.

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