Family Survival

Family Survival

A Family's Apocalypse

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Number of pages: 256

ISBN-10: 1521132038

ISBN-13: 9781521132036

This is a series about how the Karr family survives and meets the challenges thrown at them during the early days of the Apocalypse. There have been nuclear and EMP attacks on the USA and most of the world. The Apocalypse has caught the world by surprise. Cities and countries are on fire. The USA has been reduced to burned-out cities, the grid is down, and society has reverted backward 150 years. Food and drinkable water are scarce. The US Government is no longer able to help or protect its citizens. Millions are dying. In “Cities on Fire,” the Karr family survived the first week of the apocalypse, and all arrived at the family bugout location. In “Family Survival,” several members of the Karr family have been arrested as looters and sent to a FEMA camp. The rest of the Karr family fights off the hordes of starving people who are flooding out of the large cities. One of the Family members travels to the FEMA camp to rescue her Mom and son and has to fight her way there and back. To make things worse a crooked Senator and Sheriff want to take the family’s crops, weapons, and land. What would you do to survive? The Karr family has a mixture of old school preppers, conservatives, and liberals that make for an interesting blend of personalities, opinions, and sometimes even volatility. They are able to hate the sin but always love the sinner who disagrees with them. They have each other’s backs through thick and thin.

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