The Hanging Tree (Detective Inspector Paul Amos Mystery series)

The Hanging Tree (Detective Inspector Paul Amos Mystery series)

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Number of pages: 143

ISBN-10: 152175778X

ISBN-13: 9781521757789

It comes as a complete shock when exclusive, middle-aged Duncan Watson is brutally murdered – and then strung up from a tree in his garden… Detective Inspector Paul Amos is soon on the scene and sniffing for suspects... He’s in luck as the murder victim was the leader of a gang of Sixties eco-warriors who are about to celebrate the 30th anniversary of their siege of threatened Wykeham Hall. Amos even gets to attend the reunion and so begins an exhaustive search for skeletons from the past, axes to grind and those little white lies. Surprise, surprise, that nothing is what it appears at first sight; that stories conflict. Why was the charismatic Watson living alone? How did he make a small fortune from property? Why was he making regular payments to one of the eco-gang? Is there a parallel in the fate of Rawdon Grange which also fell into the hands of developers? Step by careful step, Amos retraces the path which led to the awful crime and comes to a conclusion no-one could have foreseen… The Hanging Treeis a gritty murder mystery perfect for fans of Peter James, Peter Robinson and Ian Rankin. Praise for Rodney Hobson "A fantastic read." - Tom Kasey, best-selling author ofTrade-Off. "Kept me guessing to the last page - and still surprised me. A gripping read." - Robert Foster, best-selling author of The Lunar Code. Rodney Hobson is an experienced financial journalist who has held senior editorial positions with publications in the UK and Asia and is currently Editor of Ipreo, an international financial services group. In a departure from his day job, Rodney has embarked on the Detective Inspector Paul Amos Lincolnshire Mystery series of books including Dead Money, Holy Murder, Kith and Kill and Unlikely Graves.

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