The Cleansing – Zeb Dalton #2 (The Zeb Dalton Military | Political Thrillers)

The Cleansing – Zeb Dalton #2 (The Zeb Dalton Military | Political Thrillers)

Publication Date:

Number of pages: 258

ISBN-10: 1521818185

ISBN-13: 9781521818183

Tech guru Matthew Donneleigh believed untold wealth and good intentions would finally rid the world of its most serious ills. Turns out he was wrong. 

Now he has an entirely different plan. 

Searching for healing in the deepest Amazon regions, the man stumbles upon an ancient parasitic weapon and an epiphany: the world's millionaires are the problem, the single remaining hindrance to human flourishing. This is Donneleigh's world. In his world, things get resolved.

Iraq/Afghan Vet Zeb Dalton and retired army sniper Jessica Sanchez faced down an occupying nation-state in Seattle (Zeb Dalton Volume 1--When Totems Fall). This time, the combination of true believer and nature's wrath proves even more formidable, possibly unstoppable, as some thirteen-million high net worth individuals--the American President included--lie in the crosshairs. 
In the page-burning styleof everybody's favorite Jacks (Ryan, Reacher, Bauer), you will not bedisappointed with Zeb. Grab your copy of The Cleansing, sit back,and enjoy.

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