The Cleansing – Zeb Dalton #2 (The Zeb Dalton Military | Political Thrillers)

The Cleansing – Zeb Dalton #2 (The Zeb Dalton Military | Political Thrillers)

Publication Date:

Number of pages: 258

ISBN-10: 1521818185

ISBN-13: 9781521818183

Humanity suffers. All else has failed. The 1% must be removed… Iraq/Afghan Vet Zeb Dalton is tired. Keeping America and China from exploding in a mutual firestorm of heat and light will do that to you. Still, he made a promise to himself that he would ask certain questions, were he to emerge from Seattle’s captivity in one piece (Zeb Dalton Series book 1—When Totems Fall). That all seemed possible. That is, until a madman named Matthew Donneleigh came along. Billionaire by age thirty-five, the tech guru believed untold wealth and good intentions would rid the world of its most serious ills. Turns out he was wrong. Now, his frustrated benevolence has devolved into an entirely different plan. Searching for healing in the deepest Amazon regions, the man stumbles upon a parasitic weapon and an epiphany: the wealthy are the problem. And in Donneleigh’s world, problems get resolved. Called back into special assignment by America’s new, first female, president, Dalton teams up again with super-sniper Jessica Sanchez and a mysterious relic of a man from the CIA’s former efforts in Nicaragua, known simply as Padre. Dalton and Sanchez faced down an entire nation-state in Seattle. This time, the powerful combination of true believer and nature’s wrath may prove even more formidable. Possibly, unstoppable, as some 13 million high net worth individuals—the president included—lie in the crosshairs of an ancient Mayan scourge. The Cleansing is filled with “believable, strong characters” and plot twists that “keep us glued to the book to find out who survives and solves the unthinkable” (Amazon Reviewers). This second book in the Zeb Dalton Military| Political Thriller Series from author Wayne C Stewart not only continues the breakneck storyline, it throttles it into high gear. In the page-burning style of everybody’s favorite Jacks (Ryan, Reacher, and Bauer), you will not be disappointed with Zeb. Many good books vie for your attention. Don’t miss this one. Grab a copy of The Cleansing today.

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