Forbidden Love - Circle (lesbian, lesbian erotica sex, lesbian erotica collection, lesbian romance 2016, lesbian romance kindle books, lesbian romance fiction, first time lesbian erotica)

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Number of pages: 88

ISBN-10: 1530561728

ISBN-13: 9781530561728

How can someone have the perfect job as well as the perfect woman? Miranda Loomis was at the top of the world. She was graduating at the top of her class at a good culinary college and she just landed the perfect job to go with her accomplishment. She should be really happy. The trouble is that her new boss is one of the most beautiful women that Miranda had ever seen in her life. She knew that it was wrong to start something with the owner of the restaurant that she was now working at, one of the best in the city. She knew that it was wrong to lust after the person that had handed you that opportunity. Seeing Pam at the bar one night with a few drinks in her system made Miranda throw all of that away in just a few moments. If she could only have her for one night, Miranda would be a happy woman. Or would she? Things change in an instant, which is something that Miranda learns in her life. It hits hard and it hurts, but good things can come from any situation. Miranda only wanted one night with Pam but she never imagined that it would be so good that she’d never want to let go.

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