The Detective

The Detective

Publication Date:

Number of pages: 332

ISBN-10: 1540688437

ISBN-13: 9781540688439

I should have done my duty, but instead I did her dirty. It started innocent. The beauty in the photo. The girl with hope in her eyes. I never thought I’d find her at all. She was in the bar. Two drinks later, I’m having the best damn night of my life. I had a clean record, but I went filthy for her. All night. Over and over again. Jasmine’s even more beautiful than the photos. She’s the girl of my dreams when she’s not driving me crazy. She wants the real deal. Hearts, flowers, and chocolate. I’m supposed to do my job, but I can’t resist a mystery. She’s hiding all kinds of secrets behind that smile…and I can’t stop wanting her. It would be perfect if I weren’t crossing every line under the sun. I’m her detective, not the new guy in town. Sent to find her and bring her back. Jasmine won’t leave, and I won’t leave her. So I’m hell-bent on keeping her. Even if it means this good cop has to play dirty.

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