The Lost Planet (Lost Starship Series) (Volume 6)

The Lost Planet (Lost Starship Series) (Volume 6)

Publication Date:

Number of pages: 464

ISBN-10: 1542345987

ISBN-13: 9781542345989

Last voyage, Captain Maddox entered a distant star system with a Swarm fleet. The sheer numbers were staggering, a 100-1 advantage against all human spacecraft. If the highly aggressive, racist insects gained hyper-spatial tube technology--allowing them to cross a thousand light-years in seconds--it would mean Armageddon for Earth.
Star Watch desperately needs something powerful to offset the annihilating Swarm numbers. As if on cue, Professor Ludendorff declares he has discovered the whereabouts of ancient Builder technology, a tech so potent it could defeat the Swarm.
Star Watch takes the bait, ordering Captain Maddox to find the lost planet holding the ancient technology.
Ludendorff has a plan involving androids to lure his arch rival--Methuselah Man Strand--to his doom.
The crew of Starship Victory knows nothing of this and thus blindly enters a web of intrigue and danger. The captain will need the AI Galyan, Valerie and Riker like never before. Humanity's hope against the coming Swarm holocaust rests on the outcome.
THE LOST PLANET is the sixth book in the LOST STARSHIP SERIES.

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