Popular Romances of the West of England

Popular Romances of the West of England

The drolls, traditions, and superstitions of old Cornwall (Forgotten Books)

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Number of pages: 740

ISBN-10: 1605064602

ISBN-13: 9781605064604

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Popular Romances of the West of England by Robert Hunt [1903].

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Publisher's Preface; Preface To The Third Edition; Introduction; The Giants; The Age Of The Giants; Corineus And Gogmagog; The Giants Of The Mount; The Key Of The Giant's Castle; The Rival Giants; The Giants Of Trencrom, Or Trecrobben; The Giants At Play; Holiburn Of The Cairn ; The Giant Of Nancledry ; Trebiggan The Giant ; The Lord Of Pengerswick And The Giant Of St Michael's Mount; The Giant Of St Michael's Mount Loses His Wife; Tom And The Giant Blunderbuss; Or, The Wheel And Exe Fight ; Tom The Giant, His Wife Jane, And Jack The Tinkeard, As Told By The "drolls" ; How Tom And The Tinkeard Found The Tin, And How It Led To Morva Fair; The Giant Of Morva; The Giant Bolster; The Hack And Cast; The Giant Wrath, Or Ralph; Ordulf The Giant; The Fairies; The Elfin Creed Of Cornwall; Nursing A Fairy; Changelings; The Lost Child; A Native Pigsey Story; The Night-riders; The Fairy Tools; Or, Barker's Knee; The Piskies In The Cellar; The Spriggans Of Trencrom Hill; The Fairy Miners--the Knockers; The Spriggan's Child, As Told By A Cornish Droll; The Piskies' Changeling; The Pixies Of Dartmoor; The Fairy Fair In Germoe; St. Margery And The Piskies; The Fairy Revels On The "gump", St. Just; The Fairy Funeral; The Fairy Revel; Bet Ty Stogs And Jan The Mounster; The Four-leaved Clover; The Fairy Ointment; How Joan Lost The Sight Of Her Eye; The Old Woman Who Turned Her Shift; The Fairy Widower; The Small People's Gardens; St. Levan Fairies; The Adventure Of Cherry Of Zennor; Anne Jefferies And The Fairies; The Piskie Threshers; The Muryans' Bank ; Romances Of Tregeagle; The Demon Tregeagle; Jahn Tergagle The Steward; Dosmery Pool; The Wish Hounds; Cheney's Hounds; Romances Of The Mermaids; Morva Or Morveth; Merrymaids And Merrymen; The Mermaid Of Padstow; The Mermaid's Rock; The Mermaid Of Seaton; The Old Man Of Cury; The Mermaid's Vengeance ; Romances Of The Rocks; Cromlech And Druid Stones; The Logan Or Loging Rock ; Mincamber, Main-amber Or Ambrose's Stone; Zennor Colts; The Men-an-tol; The Crick Stone In Morva; The Dancing Stones, The Hurlers, &c; The Nine Maids, Or virgin Sisters; The Twelve-o'clock Stone; The Men-scryfa; Table-men. The Saxon Kings' visit To The Land's End; Merlyn's Prophecies; The Armed Knight; The Irish Lady; The Devil's Doorway; Piper's Hole, Scilly; The Devil's Colts, &c; King Arthur's Stone; The Cock-crow Stone; Romances Of Lost Cities; Lost Lands; The Tradition Of The Lyonesse Or Lethowso W; Cudden Point And The Silver Table; The Padstow "hobby-horse" ; St Michael's Mount--the White Rock In The Wood; Gwavas Lake; The City Of Lancarrow Or Langona; The Sands At Lelant And Phillack; "the Island," St. ives; The Chapel Rock, Perran-porth; Romances Of Fire Worship; Fire Worship; Baal Fires; The Garrick Zans, Or Holy Rock; Fire Ordeal For The Cure Of Disease; Burning Animals Alive; Demons And Spectres; The Hooting Cairn; Jago's Demon; Peter The Devil; Dando And His Dogs; The Devil And His Dandy-dogs; The Spectral Coach; Sir Francis Drake And His Demon; The Parson And Clerk; The Haunted Widower; The Spectre Bridegroom; Duffy And The Devil; The Lovers Of Porthangwartha; The Ghost Of Rose Warne; The Suicide's Spearman; The Suicide's Ghost; The "ha-af" A Face; The Warning; Laying A Ghost; A Flying Spirit; The Execution And Wedding; The Lugger Of Croft Pasco Pool; Legends Of The Saints; The Crowza Stones; The Longstone; St Sennen And St Just; The Saint And Johana; The Saint's Path; The St. Leven Stone; The Two Breams; Saint Keyne; St. Dennis's Blood; St. Kea's Boat; St. German's Well; How St. Piran Reached Cornwall; St. Perran, The Miners' Saint; The Discovery Of Tin; St. Neot, The Pigmy; St. Neot And The Fox; St. Neot And The Doe; St. Neot And The Thieves; St. Neot And The Fishes; Probus And Grace; St. Nectan's Kieve And The Lo

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