The Well-Grounded Java Developer

The Well-Grounded Java Developer

Vital techniques of Java 7 and polyglot programming

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Number of pages: 496

ISBN-10: 1617290068

ISBN-13: 9781617290060


The Well-Grounded Java Developer offers a fresh and practical look at new Java 7 features, new JVM languages, and the array of supporting technologies you need for the next generation of Java-based software.

About the Book

The Well-Grounded Java Developer starts with thorough coverage of Java 7 features like try-with-resources and NIO.2. You'll then explore a cross-section of emerging JVM-based languages, including Groovy, Scala, and Clojure. You will find clear examples that are practical and that help you dig into dozens of valuable development techniques showcasing modern approaches to the dev process, concurrency, performance, and much more.

Written for readers familiar with Java. No experience with Java 7 or new JVM languages required.

Purchase of the print book comes with an offer of a free PDF, ePub, and Kindle eBook from Manning. Also available is all code from the book.

What's InsideNew Java 7 featuresTutorials on Groovy, Scala, and ClojureDiscovering multicore processing and concurrencyFunctional programming with new JVM languagesModern approaches to testing, build, and CITable of ContentsPART 1 DEVELOPING WITH JAVA 7Introducing Java 7New I/OPART 2 VITAL TECHNIQUESDependency InjectionModern concurrencyClass files and bytecodeUnderstanding performance tuningPART 3 POLYGLOT PROGRAMMING ON THE JVMAlternative JVM languagesGroovy: Java's dynamic friendScala: powerful and conciseClojure: safer programmingPART 4 CRAFTING THE POLYGLOT PROJECTTest-driven developmentBuild and continuous integrationRapid web developmentStaying well-grounded

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