Revelation Unveiled

Revelation Unveiled

Understanding the Heart of Jesus in the Imminent Day of the Lord

Publication Date:

Number of pages: 320

ISBN-10: 1622452895

ISBN-13: 9781622452897

Updated Edition: Parts I & II

Sadly, many commentaries on Revelation ignore the need to have a clean heart in order to survive what’s coming. In this edition, we dig deep into the signs, the wonders, and the genuine Christian’s role in the soon-to-be-fulfilled book of Revelation. We even go back to the prophets to help clarify what is the most important message to Christians today.

The book of Revelation should be of intense interest to today’s Christian. It describes not only the persecution that originates from Satan, but also announces the day when God will intervene and cleanse the earth. This is definitely something to look forward to if we are right with him. Not so much for those living for themselves.

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