The Epic of Marindel

The Epic of Marindel


Publication Date:

Number of pages: 628

ISBN-10: 1733116400

ISBN-13: 9781733116404

Every person has a story.

Every story is a part of something Greater.

Long ago, the elven Kingdom of Marindel governed the realm of Tyrizah from its place on the back of a giant sea turtle. But when a great evil was unleashed, the Era of Peace came to a tragic end. Thousands of years passed, and Marindel was all but forgotten.

Connor, a young farmer with a wild imagination, always longed for adventure. When bizarre events cause him to realize his role in the greatest story of all, Connor embarks on a quest to defend the Great King’s daughter from a wicked sorcerer, whose darkness grows with every passing day.

Tarento, a promising Samurai warrior, is disillusioned with the grandeur of his own kingdom. But when he hears the voice of a King he cannot see, he discovers his destiny to save the people of Felidae from impending disaster.

As their journeys entwine, Connor and Tarento will travel across the realm, uncover the mysteries of Marindel, and face unimaginable odds in their fight to survive. Tension broils in the city of Cloud Summit as diabolical factions vie for control of the Kingdom of Armavir. The adventurers must make a daring rescue attempt—but at what cost?

Embark on the journey of a lifetime in Book I of The Epic of Marindel!

“An impressive debut novel… I walked away with one word, WOW. I am convinced this is Holy Spirit inspired.” —Peter Younghusband, reviewer at Perspective by Peter

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