Managing the Legal Nexus Between Intellectual Property and Employees

Managing the Legal Nexus Between Intellectual Property and Employees

Domestic and Global Contexts (Elgar Law and Entrepreneurship series)

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Number of pages: 320

ISBN-10: 1783479256

ISBN-13: 9781783479252

'As intellectual property becomes ever more central to modern firms, the role of employer-employee relationships in intangible asset management has also evolved. Professors Oswald and Pagnattaro tackle this important topic in a rich and diverse new book. Through a series of intellectually robust chapters written by noted experts, they consider employees from the perspective of knowledge generators, team members with mobility rights, liability risks and even information misappropriators. The analysis and advice one derives is timely, creative and often surprising. I believe that Managing the Legal Nexus Between Intellectual Property and Employees is an essential read for attorneys, managers and investors who want to remain competitive in today's global business environment. And educators will find it an important reference for training future business leaders.'
- Daniel R. Cahoy, Penn State University, US

The explosion in intellectual capital coincides with a growing understanding of the importance of human capital to the firm. Managing the Legal Nexus Between Intellectual Property and Employees: Domestic and Global Contexts highlights some of the most critical contemporary issues occurring at the intersection of intellectual property law, employment law, and global trade.

In addition to the legal dimensions, the book tackles issues of strategy and decision-making for businesses. The contributors discuss the use of employment contracts to protect intellectual property, ownership of intellectual property created by employees, officer liability issues relating to infringement, post-employment confidentiality and non-compete agreements, and inadvertent or deliberate misappropriation of trade secrets.

The discussion of key topics in intellectual property law in the US and abroad makes this a valuable resource for both academics and practitioners worldwide. Business managers, government employees, and intellectual property owners will appreciate its timely and cutting-edge analysis.

Contributors: R. Bird, N.C. Bishara, E. Brown, R.M. Lorentz, J.M. Magid, S. Marsnik, D. Orozc, L.J. Oswald, M. Pagnattaro, S. Park, J.D. Prenkert, C.M.C. Westphal

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