Mastering jQuery

Mastering jQuery

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Number of pages: 376

ISBN-10: 1783985461

ISBN-13: 9781783985463

Elevate your development skills by leveraging every available ounce of jQuery

About This BookCreate and decouple custom event types to efficiently use them and suit your users' needsIncorporate custom, optimized versions of the jQuery library into your pages to maximize the efficiency of your websiteGet the most out of jQuery by gaining exposure to real-world examples with tricks and tips to enhance your skillsWho This Book Is For

If you are a developer who is already familiar with using jQuery and wants to push your skill set further, then this book is for you. The book assumes an intermediate knowledge level of jQuery, JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS.

What You Will Learn Learn how to better organize your code, using one of the many design patterns available for the library Develop your skills further in some of the core jQuery subjects, such as event handling, using AJAX, and animating elements Develop your skills within technologies where you might not consider using jQuery, such as the Page Visibility API or using node-webKit Explore some of the more advanced tips and tricks for optimizing jQuery to maintain performance Learn how to improve your development workflow when testing jQuery to help reduce the manual effort needed to produce results Automate testing using NodeJS and RequireJS In Detail

Mastering jQuery has been written not only to help maximize your skills with core functionality in the library, but also to explore some of the more intriguing ways of using the library to achieve real-world solutions that could feature on any website or online environment.

You'll start with a look at some of the more advanced ways to incorporate the library into your pages, followed by working with forms and advanced form validation using regular expressions. Next you'll move on to animating in jQuery, advanced event handling, and using jQuery effects.

Finally, you will develop practical examples of using jQuery with external functionality such as node-webkit, before finishing with a session on optimizing your version of the library for maximum efficiency and exploring best practices for using QUnit.

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