Learning D3.js Mapping

Learning D3.js Mapping

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ISBN-10: 1783985607

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Build stunning maps and visualizations using D3.jsAbout This BookDive into D3.js and apply its powerful data binding ability in order to create stunning visualizationsLearn the key concepts of SVG, JavaScript, CSS and the DOM in order to project images onto the browserSolve a wide range of problems faced while building interactive maps with this solution-based guideWho This Book Is For

If you are interested in creating maps for the web GIS data, this book is for you. Familiarity with D3.js will be helpful but is not necessary.

What You Will Learn Access data resources to make maps and learn how to modify structures Render your maps on a browser Style your maps according to your needs and bind events to maps to make them interactive Tie paths to the geospatial data to outline an SVG map Use Chrome Dev Tools in order to inspect created code Fetch data through AJAX calls with the assistance of the D3.js library Work with data structures and compose blocks of logic into reusable functions Troubleshoot your code In Detail

D3.js is a visualization library used for the creation and control of dynamic and interactive graphical forms. It is a library used to manipulate HTML and SVG documents based on data. A consolidated resource on obtaining geographic data, modifying it to your convenience, and visualizing it with augmented data using D3.js, this book will meet your mapping needs.

Starting with a working map, you will explore the tools required to start the construction process, further moving on to cover the fundamentals of SVG and understanding its relation to creating maps using D3. Equipped with this overview, you will learn to make optimum use of D3's mapping, covering the main enter, update, and exit methods that allow D3.js to do its magic. Dealing with data joining and pairing with HTML and SVG, you will be introduced to different aspects of GEO data, along with the common file formats and converting data into GeoJSON and TopoJSON. You will learn to apply interactivity to your maps and create stunning visualizations beforeĀ  finally ensuring problem-free development with a chapter on troubleshooting.

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