Hacking Android

Hacking Android

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Number of pages: 412

ISBN-10: 1785883143

ISBN-13: 9781785883149

Explore every nook and cranny of the Android OS to modify your device and guard it against security threats

About This BookUnderstand and counteract against offensive security threats to your applicationsMaximize your device's power and potential to suit your needs and curiositySee exactly how your smartphone's OS is put together (and where the seams are)Who This Book Is For

This book is for anyone who wants to learn about Android security. Software developers, QA professionals, and beginner- to intermediate-level security professionals will find this book helpful. Basic knowledge of Android programming would be a plus.

What You Will LearnAcquaint yourself with the fundamental building blocks of Android Apps in the right wayPentest Android apps and perform various attacks in the real world using real case studiesTake a look at how your personal data can be stolen by malicious attackersUnderstand the offensive maneuvers that hackers useDiscover how to defend against threatsGet to know the basic concepts of Android rootingSee how developers make mistakes that allow attackers to steal data from phonesGrasp ways to secure your Android apps and devicesFind out how remote attacks are possible on Android devicesIn Detail

With the mass explosion of Android mobile phones in the world, mobile devices have become an integral part of our everyday lives. Security of Android devices is a broad subject that should be part of our everyday lives to defend against ever-growing smartphone attacks. Everyone, starting with end users all the way up to developers and security professionals should care about android security.

Hacking Android is a step-by-step guide that will get you started with Android security. You'll begin your journey at the absolute basics, and then will slowly gear up to the concepts of Android rooting, application security assessments, malware, infecting APK files, and fuzzing. On this journey you'll get to grips with various tools and techniques that can be used in your everyday pentests. You'll gain the skills necessary to perform Android application vulnerability assessment and penetration testing and will create an Android pentesting lab.

Style and approach

This comprehensive guide takes a step-by-step approach and is explained in a conversational and easy-to-follow style. Each topic is explained sequentially in the process of performing a successful penetration test. We also include detailed explanations as well as screenshots of the basic and advanced concepts.

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