Dust & A First World Problem

Dust & A First World Problem

Two Plays (Oberon Modern Plays)

Publication Date:

Number of pages: 112

ISBN-10: 1786822717

ISBN-13: 9781786822710

Dust: Life, Alice thinks, isn't worth living. So, Alice kills herself. Sort of. Forced to watch the aftermath of her suicide and its ripple effect on her family and friends, Alice quickly learns that death changes people. And that death isn't the change she hoped for. A First World Problem: Set in one of Britain's most privileged schools, three teenage girls are in possession of an envelope whose contents will determine the rest of their lives. But one of them is not the sort of young woman the school is supposed to produce. There is porn on her laptop and pills in her book bag, and she is prepared to do anything to get where she wants.

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