Elm Web Development

Elm Web Development

An introductory guide to building functional web apps using Elm

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Number of pages: 369

ISBN-10: 1788299051

ISBN-13: 9781788299053

Explore why ELM is a great alternative to using pure JavaScript and other JS-based solutions by building complete apps and websites.

Key FeaturesDevelop your own scalable and modular web applications with Elm to make web development less messy compared to your JavaScript appsCreate personal portfolio website, a weather application, and a unit conversion website, and integrate your Elm apps with Rails 5Boost the performance of your application with no runtime exceptions and JavaScript interoperabilityBook Description

Web development with JavaScript usually involves dealing with performance and maintenance issues. JavaScript fatigue makes it difficult for many developers to keep up with the increasing complexity posed by the multitude of JavaScript frameworks with changing versions, and the need to use different tools such as task runners, module bundlers, compilers, testing suites, linting and debuggers. Elm is an easy-to-learn, functional programming language that simplifies web development by eliminating the complexity associated with using JavaScript for web development. Elm is a statically typed language and thus makes a front end web developer's life easier by preventing run-time errors.

You will begin by seeing the bigger picture of where Elm fits into the web development world and learning the basics of Elm programming. Firstly, you will get a taste for web development with Elm by developing a simple fizz-buzz app. Next you will get hands-on with advanced Elm concepts as you develop your own personal blogging website, a unit conversion app and a weather app with Elm. Finally, you will also learn how to integrate Elm with a Rails 5 app with the help of Webpack. By the end of the book you will have learned Elm programming, and its applications, and will appreciate how Elm

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