A&G Humorous Pliers Gadzooks its Cold

A&G Humorous Pliers Gadzooks its Cold

Publication Date:

Number of pages: 92

ISBN-10: 1793976090

ISBN-13: 9781793976093

A&G own the new Nasa of the East old Clock factory now employing hundreds of scientists when the race for Drone travel takes off A&G have better ideas during the work The Iceage hits the UK and People are dying the Whole of Scotland is Saved with USA putting up Millions in Las Vegas while Gaz tells Al to get his Ex Family out from the UK his time hit home badly when his Thai wife dies his sixteen-year-old Son has found a way to reheat the World, the best brains in the World think he has a good Chance Then A bomb threat at the Hilton puts fear across the CIA and The World watches as life of Millions of hinges on this sixteen your old Boy the Race is on and who can find the hoax bomber in Time

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