Mankind Reborn in Love to Come

Mankind Reborn in Love to Come

In the Face of Evil (Three Books)

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Number of pages: 41

ISBN-10: 179439270X

ISBN-13: 9781794392700

In today's World life offshore accidents Happen the Young Mechanic Matthew was in a Coma is Wife and two school-age Children see him on Sundays its Decision Time Where Mathew is the Place between Heaven and Earth in a World that incomprehensible to his way of thinking he was never a very Religious Man, The offshore Pay was good but he did not like being away from Home the Encounter he had and those powers he was Given Matthew stood with Jesus he was Frightened of what was to Come to the small coastal Community Evil was the last thing anyone would think Happens to their Church Jill Page the Reporter knows Different she stands ready to Fight will they get enough congregation to Help face this evil Book one Introduction to The Battle when Jesus Comes to The World in awe of what they saw he shook Mattews Hand Get Ready I have Returned Satan show your self The coastal town fears all the Worlds in Catastrophe while Jesus Plays out The Battle Plans from that Tiny Church

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