Good Intentions Are Not Good Enough

Good Intentions Are Not Good Enough

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Number of pages: 224

ISBN-10: 1936943417

ISBN-13: 9781936943418

NOTE: PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED AS SOCIAL THINKING AT WORK: WHY SHOULD I CARE? OUR NEW INCARNATION OF THE BOOK IS A TITLE AND COVER CHANGE ONLY. CONTENT INSIDE THE BOOK IS THE SAME. The social mind... It's always on the job, even when you're off the job! Most people are born with an intuitive sense of the social world that allows them to naturally be aware of social expectations and feeds them the information they need to follow the social code. But not everyone is born with intuitive social understanding. Social learning challenges can be especially noticeable in the workplace, where it's assumed employees understand not only how to do their job but how to effectively work in a group, understand the hidden rules of office etiquette and office politics, and build and maintain solid professional relationships with others. This 200+ page book is a primer about the social mind in the workplace, but the concepts and strategies are equally applicable in all areas of life. It's largely based on the authors' years of clinical experience working with adults who struggle socially, but may or may not identify their problems with a specific diagnosis. Many are highly intelligent and skilled employees who find it difficult to decipher the often nuanced social underpinnings that are part of daily life, on or off the job. Individuals with social challenges want to be appreciated for who they are and how they contribute (just like all of us do!), but often their good intentions aren't communicated in a way that others easily understand. As a result, it's often tough for these individuals to build the relationships and reputation necessary to excel in the workplace, regardless of their expertise or how hard they work.

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