A Public Defender's Bedtime Reader

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Number of pages: 186

ISBN-10: 1937503577

ISBN-13: 9781937503574

A Boy Named Sue, or Why You Shouldn't Pee into a Sock

Just one of David Brooks' stories of Crime, Punishment and Justice in the old California Gold Country.

These began as a bedtime story for David Brooks' motorcycle pals and then his own kids and were soon followed by others like: The Up Side of Alzheimer's; Assault with a Deadly Seashell; Walter the Warlock Plays with Knives; Cathouse Piano; The Christmas Hooker; Cop Crusher; Driving While Dyslexic and 45 more funny, sad, and compassionate stories including what happens to an oversize man in a woman's dress left at a truck stop, what happens when a knife-throwing league is led by a warlock, tales of kids left in the courtroom, and then there are the off-beat topics!

Foresthill is a colorful, off-the beaten path little town like many others in the old California Gold Country. An assortment of unique, oddball characters have gathered there-modern day miners, aging Vietnam vets, marijuana growers, and meth lab entrepreneurs have mixed with long standing families and more recent urban yuppies and developers.

For twenty years as a Public Defender, David has defended the rights of the citizens of Placer and El Dorado Counties from murder to being drunk in public. David's stories capture the essence of this community, the people who live there, their lives ad misdeeds, of crime and punishment, how the legal systems may, or not work, and how he has defended their rights.

He writes about them with humor and empathy.

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