A Collection of Poems - Short Stories (Hindi Edition)

Publication Date:

Number of pages: 202

ISBN-10: 1947586572

ISBN-13: 9781947586574

Tamanna-E-Sahar is a journey the poet sets out on through his inner-most thoughts, travelling from hope to despair and revelry. The verses cover love in all its forms, hues, shades and colors. It celebrates this beautiful feeling in one’s life, inherent from days of yore—the joy of togetherness, anguish and pain; separation and desertion. Cast in the modern world, it echoes the very existence of ‘women’, who are central figures in a man’s life, talking about their roles of being a lover, friend, soul mate and as a mother.

The poet then goes on to question the futility of all things in this world and asks questions on the existence of man on this Earth. The soulful sojourn finally wanders into the patriotism for one’s motherland. Though laced with forlornness, Tamanna-E-Sahar reflects positive feelings of a better tomorrow, awaiting a new dawn.

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